About About fairHolder

I started fairHolder after struggling to find out where my savings were invested, and eventually discovering that a substantial share of them were supporting industries I would rather stay away from. Finding the information was only part of the battle, as figuring actions to take proved much harder.

Many conversations later, I believe many people face a similar problem, and spend enormous amounts of time and efforts to get to unsatisfactory results. On the systemic level, trillions of dollars saved by smallholders contribute to funding problematic industries, with very little accountability to their "ultimate shareholders".

I believe many systemic problems exist because of a lack of transparency and accountability.

FairHolder aims to fix the power imbalance that exists in the financial sector by:

  • filling the information gap that exists between the super rich and "normal people".
  • providing transparency over where your money is invested. Most people I've spoken with never realised that their savings were often funding industries and systems that they did not want to be connected with.
  • providing tools that make acting easy. Too often, I've heard people eager to act give up because they had no idea where to start
  • using simple language. Making sure that your money does not fund child labour should not require a PhD in financial lingo.

My name is Laurent Savaete. I grew up in Europe, and have worked in a variety of roles, from corporate project management to humanitarian field work, and social entrepreneurship.

Having lived or worked in a dozen countries spanning almost the entire range of inequality-adjusted Human Development Index has led me to believe that corporate activity has its hands in virtually every problem on Earth, not always as a root cause, but often as an enabler or reinforcer of problems.

We have less than a decade to fix climate change. As Noam Chomsky put it, we won't get rid of capitalism and its excesses in that timeframe, so we need to find solutions within the current system. I'm hoping that FairHolder can help with this.